We had another amazing Labor Day celebration, complete with food, fun, speaking, music, football, volleyball, & lots of interacting with old & new friends. 
 A small portion of the football crew.
(disclaimer: the john deere tractor is NOT a Bontrager tractor =))
 The smiling faces that greeted people at the food line.
 The Bates Family was once again a huge blessing and enjoyed by all.


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  1. Cool! 🙂 Okay, first question (ya'll probably get asked this a lot) – Why do your ladies wear skirts? Second – Could I write your older daughters? I know ya'll have got to be real busy; thank you so much! 😀

  2. Blythe,

    We'd love to have you! Gotta convince the family, huh?


    We're so glad you were able to attend. It is a blessing to hear that you were encouraged. Thanks!

    In Christ,
    the Bontragers

  3. Hi Beanie,
    1) Our dad prefers skirts for the reason of feminnity and distinction between ladies and guys. For that reason, we wear skirts most of the time. (of course we understand that this decision is circumstantial- some activities are better performed in jeans!)
    2) We have chosen not to give out our older daughter email addresses at this time.

  4. NO WAY! I was Just looking at these pictures again and there is someone on the end of the 'Smiling Faces at the food line' and she has the same shirt that I gave to Alison. NO WAY! Allison isn't that so fun?!!!! lol! .. Sarah

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