The 15th Annual Turning Hearts Celebration was a wonderful day! Our turnout was definitely down from previous years but it was perfect-we loved the “smaller” feel of only about 500 people. =)
I took exactly four pictures the entire day. But thanks to some friends we have some great and very unique shots of the day! Friends of ours from Ontario had flown down for the weekend to visit friends and as they were flying home they took these aerial shots. What fun! You can’t really see people from this distance but they were there-trust me-just look at all the vehicles!
Sweet crew of ladies helping wrap silverware for the evening meal. We cannot say a big enough thank you to all of the families who come in early every year and help us prepare. What a blessing!
Signs, signs, and more signs. 
The coloring station that we set up for littles was enjoyed greatly by all ages. =)
A friend took some pictures throughout the day and shared them with us. She captured some great shots of the football game!
Surveying the football action.
I love these impromptu jam times that happen during the afternoon. So great to hear the toe-tapping music drifting all over the farm.
Thankful for Carson’s big smiles and capable oversight in coordinating all of the hayrides + drivers!
Meeting friends’ new little ones.
Lovely ladies serving ice-cream to the multitudes! We added the ice-cream booth to the days’ activities a few years ago, and it has been the best decision ever. Definitely a highlight for all!
Dinner time + food line!
Farm sights and smells abounded as always!
Our dalmation, Ryker, standing by and enjoying the sunshine.
Our family’s evening concert! 
(sadly we have no pictures of the Bowers Family, our speakers + singers for the event. Not sure how we managed to completely miss getting them on camera! Their music + sessions were a huge blessing to everyone who attended and a great inspiration to press on + live for the Lord! So thankful for them for coming + blessing us once again.)

Josh sharing the Word.

A little discussion going on here. We cover all manner of topics while we play this song. 
Multi-tasking..oh yes. =)

So good to have Carson join us for a special guest appearance!
We’ve sure missed him on this song (actually every song!) this summer.

Volleyball into the wee hours to end everything out! Praise the Lord for another amazing day!

“Shew Thy marvelous lovingkindness, O Thou that saves by Thy right hand 
them which put their trust in Thee from those that rise up against them.”
Psalm 17:7


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  1. Amazing pics lov this post as well as denvers graduation party post lov it i for sure while most likely be coming next year thou hopefully hugs lov u guys God bless u guys

    1. He quit touring with the family band in April. He is now pursuing his career in mechanics + farming. He still lives at home though so we get to see him when we are home! =)

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