I woke up the other morning to find us parked at a little campground nestled in between a river and the above mountain. 
My first thought was “we must climb that mountain today!”
Siblings and father were 100% in agreement. 
So off we started.
Adventurous brothers
It was one of those mountains that looks high from the bottom.
As you begin climbing, it begins to look really high.
And about 1/6 the way up…you wonder if you had possibly very much over-estimated your mountain climbing abilities. =)
LOVE this picture!
I lagged behind, mostly because I wanted to document this adventure with my camera…
but also partly because I am so out of shape right now and found myself getting quickly getting worn out!
Smiles along the way! Allison & Dad
At the top!!
the view was amazing!
our bus/trailer is that little spec down there, right in the middle of the picture. =)
On top of the world! =)
Allison, Josh, Dad, Taylor, Carson, Mitchell, Denver, & I
Okay, not quite. 
But let me tell you-it felt like it! 
There’s nothing like pushing yourself to do something, and then enjoying the reward at the end!
“The heavens declare the GLORY of God, and the firmament showeth His handiwork.”
Psalm 19:1
-posted by Chelsy


Canada 2013

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  1. Wow nice pics! I think if my memory serves me right we have climbed that same hill as a family!! :-). As you said, it's an exhilarating experience!
    God bless!
    Philip from La Crete.

  2. Oh! So much fun! I have climed a rock slide in Montana! Hard work! BUT worth it!!! I know the feeling! And the awesome view! Lizzie

  3. Sounds like quite the memorable adventure! =) Ah, family hikes and such are a blessing I'm so thankful for <3 Blessings and praying for you guys!

  4. Hello to all of the Bontragers,
    Wow that's a pretty big mountain. That's so awesome that u all climed it!!!! I love the pics!!
    In Christ,

  5. I saw the first pic, and a flood of memories came rushing back to me! I remember the same feelings of ambition,adventure, excitement, "windedness", and awe! I'm glad you enjoyed those "mountains" as much as we already have! (I hope I'm not wearing out my welcome as a blog poster!) 😉

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