July 6, 2021

April at Our Home

Yes, I do realize that this blog has been completely silent for the past 20 days.  Maybe we were trying to set a record for the longest time without posting.  Or perhaps we’ve just been without our photographer and very, very busy.  The last scenario definitely fits.  
Our photographer is back, and this month looks not quite so crazy, so I am hoping you will be seeing frequent new posts in the coming days.  
Here a recap of the past month at the Bontrager home:
Denver was thrilled to catch his very first mink…….in his rat trap!  That was an exciting day, and the whole adventure just got more exciting when he decided to tan it himself.  Don’t even ask me what all is involved in that process- I remember hearing words like “stretcher and tanning solution“.
The Kalona Coffee House has the sweetest little toy corner just for little people.  Elizabeth and Grace enjoyed some play time together there while their big sisters talked nearby.  
These days we eat so much.  Let me clarify…..certain (Bontrager) young men eat, and eat, and eat some more!  That’s right, we are in the throes of the “hungry teenage boys” stage.  {Those of you who are there, as well, know exactly what I mean!}  Oh, but it’s so much fun.  I love making huge quantities of food and seeing it devoured with such appreciation!  
scrumptious drinks +  decadent b i s c o t t i + encouraging conversation = loveliness
and Chelsy…….the talented seamstress, hard at work!
“The Lord shall preserve thy going our and thy coming in from this time forth, and even forevermore.”  {Psalm 121:8}


family, farm life, food, little girls; best friends, memories

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