July 6, 2021

April Company & Events


 Our friend Troy Walker from Alabama came to visit over Easter weekend. We all loved having him here and involving him in farm and family life. 
Singing around the breakfast table
 Allison babysat for our neighbor boy, Javan, one day. Here they are making chili for dinner.
 And our family enjoyed a visit from Allison & my friends, Elizabeth Ulmer & Bekah Rehm. We had a lovely time with them…
 The little girls never tire of stories
And in the midst of everything else, we were able to attend the beautiful wedding of Wesley Desaulniers & Allison Crawford, friends of ours from our former church in Des Moines. 
and that’s a bit of our April events for you….


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//Farm Life Update//

//Farm Life Update//

We are home!!

We are home!!
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