We have been enjoying every minute of our time in NY with my parents, my sisters, and their families.  Here are a few snapshots of life at Grandpa’s.

Grandma’s collection of farm animals, fence, barn, and blocks provided hours of fun for our “farm” boys.

Foos ball is another favorite.

Their flower gardens are a sight for the eyes.  The yellow flowers are evening primrose which we hope to watch as they open up this evening.

We have been eating peas, green onions, raspberries, strawberries, and lettuce from this lovely vegetable garden.

Last winter Grandma quilted this beautiful quilt made with blocks that Chelsy cross stitched.  

Grandpa and Elizabeth served this lively breakfast of worms to the bluebirds that live in the bluebird house that Grandpa built.

The sight of these worms is not for the weak stomach!!

And here is the grateful bluebird ready to enjoy his feast.


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  1. yes, it's been great to have you here in NY again! Love your pics and I realize once again how much we take for granted the fact that we live just a few miles from our parents and for our children, their grandparents.
    Your sis, Ruth

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