July 13, 2009
 There has been very little opportunity to post in the past weeks, so I will attempt to catch up this morning.  I will begin with this post about my 3 nephews:  Anthony, Ernest, and Laverne (left to right) from Lancaster, PA.  They are “baching” it while my sister and her husband (John & Barb)are in Kenya, Africa.   

My sister, who had 7 boys, has blessed her sons by training them to keep house.  

We were welcomed to an immaculate house, well kept gardens, and great food.

They served 40 eggs, 2 1/2 lbs. of bacon, 1 1/2 loaves of bread, large platters of fresh fruit, a gallon of juice, fresh milk, and cereal for breakfast.  M-m-m-m.

Laverne made scrambled eggs with cheese,  Anthony fried the bacon, and Ernest cut fruit, made toast, and set the table.

Going down the barn hill in a wagon was a favorite activity for my nephews and I over 30 years ago……..now the tradition continues!

This is a game for the young and young at heart.

Barbara, this picture is for you.  Even though we missed you and John, we so much enjoyed the fine sons you have raised.  My girls and I agreed that the house was cleaner than our own house (of course, there are no little people to make messes!!).  Ernest had the second load of laundry ready to hand out on the line by 8:00 a.m.  The breakfast was a feast for both the eyes and stomach.  Barb, did you notice that they set the table with your china?  Their garden of pepper plants, onions, lettuce, a tomato plant, corn, cantalope, and watermelon was mostly weed free.  I am motivated to go home and keep working on training my young men to clean up after themselves so if they ever need to keep house they can do so with excellence.  By the way, Allison cut and arranged the flowers.  
P.S.  Don’t you think these men would make great husbands???  Anthony and Ernest, do you need any suggestions???


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  1. Thanks for the pictures! Yes, I definitely agree that these young men are out of the ordinary. If they were not my cousins… lol!
    I'm impressed!

  2. Something is sounding very familiar here. Only about different people. And Marissa's comment sounds strikingly close to that of anothers. 🙂 Why do I chuckle??!! 🙂

  3. I am a very proud Aunt to these handsome bachelors! I agree that they have had some excellent training. Sure makes me want to drop by for a visit!! Dorcas

  4. Thanks for the wonderful story and picture of these handsome young men. Yes, they are my nephews too and their mother did a great job training them. Some young woman will be blessed some day.

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