DESTINATION:  A lovely, serenely beautiful home in Walnut Creek, OH.
REASON:  TO celebrate life with 5 of my sisters, 1 sister-in-law, and my dear mother.  (1 sister-in-law and 1 sister were not there.)

On May 16, I (Becky) and some relatives who needed a ride to OH got in my van about the time the sun was making its appearance.  We made a quick stop in Goshen, IN to pick up my sister-in-law and continued on our 12 hour drive.  This included gas stops, an hour traffic delay, etc.  We spent Thursday evening, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning enjoying life together by eating too much cheesecake, lovely salads, and lots of chocolate; laughing until we cried; talking for hours on end about anything & everything from relationships, memories, food, and other various topics; crotcheting & knitting; walking & hiking; visiting a coffee shop; eating out at a most unique & beautiful Bistro; shopping, shopping, & shopping; singing hymns; touring the amazing “P Graham Dunn” factory, getting VERY lost while driving around the hilly Holmes County crountryside in a 15 passenger van (yes, I was driving BUT I was only going where some dear family member was telling me to go, okay??); and enjoying 1-2 hour long meals around a small kitchen table while eating (DRUM ROLL, please) mostly salad, cheesecake, and chocolate.
Here is the story on the cheesecake.  We wanted this weekend to be relaxed without spending too much of our dear husbands hard earned money so we each brought food.  We didn’t plan for desserts since it was only a minor detail; so long story short – 3 of us brought cheesecakes!  They were incredibly  scrumptious and since we ate mostly salads &  dark chocolate which are both loaded with many and various vitamins and are low calorie foods, they were not very detrimental to one’s waist line.  Besides, this WAS a vacation and one should not think TOO much about food on a vacation, right?

It was definitely a weekend to remember.  We concluded our  weekend by watching a sermon and eating lunch together.  I’m so grateful for my family and their commitment to God and each other.

-posted by Becky


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  1. sounds like ya'll had a good time! you passed right close to our neck of the woods. in fact last weekend we were in the shipshewana area visiting friends. crazy! xx

  2. Wow, I love your post Miss Becky!! I love how you write!!! And that cheese cake sounds SO good!!! 😀 You and your sisters and Mom all look quite a bit alike!! Sounds like you had a BLAST!!!! ~Mary

  3. That's so kewl!!! The cheese cake sounds so yummy!!!! I want some!!! My mom got us chocolate cheese cake for the 4th of July and its so good!!!!
    I love ur fam!!! U all are such an encouagement!!! I love watching videos on youtube of u all singing and playing ur instruments!!! U all do it so marvelousely!!!!
    In Christ,

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