I am writing today from the sunny state of Texas, in the town of San Antonio, on location for the National Bible Bee Competition, which is happening this week!

Our five youngest competed in the summer program and all qualified for nationals. Here are the stats on them:
Left to Right:
Elizabeth-12 years old//JUNIOR CONTESTANT
Denver-16 years old//SENIOR CONTESTANT
Taylor-14 years old//SENIOR CONTESTANT
Hudson-11 years old//JUNIOR CONTESTANT
Rebecca-9 years old//PRIMARY CONTESTANT

It is so hard to believe that Nationals are finally here. These last two months have been full of study, prep, + diligent hard work for our five youngest. We are thankful for their commitment to the Word. The Bible Bee is a completely optional activity in our household, but one that has been such a delight + blessing that there’s never really discussion from year to year about who is doing it, because once you’re “in”, the thought of quitting apparently is somewhat strange and foreign. =)

We have a fun upcoming post with many pictures from the study process, and will be posting that soon, but for now I wanted to take a minute to ask for y’alls prayers for the upcoming competition. Not prayer that our five would place well, but prayer that God would be glorified in the entire event and that people would be pointed to CHRIST through everything that happens. Not only are there hundreds and hundreds of people in attendance at the actual competition, but thousands from around the world tune in over the weekend to watch the livestream. Our prayer is that the gospel would go forth from each of these young people + from the moderators!

On a side note, we are all beyond thrilled about finally being completely reunited after six weeks! Josh flew out early Monday morning to head down here. He is working as assistant staff for the competition this year so he needed to come down early for that. The five youngest, my parents, myself, and a few others, left late Monday night in the bus to drive down. Allison is coming in today to join us, from Mexico. And Mitchell + Carson will be flying in tomorrow night. The plan is that everyone arrives safely + on time in order to lead worship at the opening ceremonies Thursday night. There’s a lot going on! But we are super excited to be completely reunited for what is very possibly our ultimate favorite event of the year.
We haven’t all been together since the beginning of October so it’s going to be pretty grand. =)

{Here is a little video clip from last year’s competition, to give you an idea. 
And a little FYI with this, too..when you see our entire family leap to our feet in the video and yell like crazy…that happened when Taylor was announced as the first place winner. =)}

So for the livestream details…you can watch the livestream for FREE by clicking this link here.

Below is the schedule of the different competitions to be livestreamed. You can tune in for a portion or all of the livestream. We’ve had many friends who’ve watched this the past few years and everyone has loved it thus far. It is a fabulous event, centered around the WORD, and put together in a very professional + top quality presentation. It is fascinating to watch!
FYI, the Friday QUALIFIER AWARDS event is when the top fifteen (semi finalists) from each level will be announced.

Thursday, November 17th. 7:30pm OPENING CEREMONY
Friday, November 18th. 8:00am QUALIFIER AWARDS 
Friday, November 18th. 11:00am. JUNIOR SEMI FINALS
Friday, November 18th. 2:30pm. PRIMARY SEMI FINALS
Friday, November 18th. 6:00pm. SENIOR SEMI FINALS
Saturday, November 19th. 8:00am. JUNIOR FINALS
Saturday, November 19th. 11:00am. PRIMARY FINALS
Saturday, November 19th. 2:00pm. SENIOR FINALS
Saturday, November 19th. 6:45pm. AWARDS CELEBRATION

Please join us in prayer for God to receive the glory! If you are unable to watch the livestream, stay tuned here on our blog for updates to come!

“How sweet are Thy words unto my taste! Yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!”
Psalm 119:103


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  1. Truly some of the very best of times!!! Continuing to pray!!! (Also, that's awesome that you're leading worship! It's about time! :)) So much love for you guys – finish strong!! And yikes, I need to tone down on the exclamation points, but EXCITINGNESS AHHHH. 🙂

  2. It is so crazy to believe that the bible bee is here ahhhhh so excited for the livestream it amazing how we can watch this amazing event as well praying for all the contents an praying that they do their very out of all this HARD LONG work of studying Gods will pay off very well so very excited for this fun and exciting and amazing event of bible bee 2016 hugs lov u guys an God bless u guys

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