Meet the Bontrager Family Singers!

The Bontrager Family Singers is a big, energetic family from the midwest. We love to sing, play our instruments, and shine the light of Jesus! In addition to our tour life, we lead twelve adventurous & high energy lives back in Iowa.


Marlin fills his days with managing the singing ministry and farm. Some of his favorite moments are planting corn and beans in the spring, driving combine with one of the children or grandchildren riding along, and going on dates with his one and only true love. His history of getting our bus in and out of tight situations, arriving at concerts in a timely fashion, and faithfully driving for hundreds of hours every year gives us reason to believe that he is one of the best bus drivers ever! Helping run sound and sharing a challenge in each concert are several more of his roles on tour.


Becky, full time mother and "Nana”, loves being 100% invested in the lives of her family. She thrives on having everyone around the table, gardening and cooking, going on coffee dates with her children or young mammas who need encouragement, and babysitting the grandchildren. Her beautiful voice adds lovely lead and harmony parts to the family band, and she enjoys helping arrange new songs.

Denver - 12.5.1999

Denver is our skilled bus maintenance guy and keeps it running smoothly! In addition to playing guitar, mandolin, and violin, he sings a rich bass part. We are grateful for Denver's energetic, encouraging leadership style and his never-ending optimism. Denver works full time on the farm when we are home and is hosting his third Mighty Men Camp this spring. For more details, visit He recently got engaged to the love of his life, Praise, and is greatly looking forward to getting married this spring!

Taylor - 1.13.2002

Taylor is the new band director for the Bontrager Family Singers and does an excellent job leading music practices and heading up new song arrangements. He plays a variety of instruments, but banjo is his favorite! A tender hearted perfectionist, we are grateful for Taylor's commitment to truth, excellence, and kindness in everything. He can often be found talking to people at our concerts, handing out tracts and witnessing to people at home and on the road, and spending quality time with his siblings. He also handles correspondence for the ministry. At home, Taylor’s favorite place to be is in the dairy barn milking the cows.

Elizabeth - 12.18.2003 

Elizabeth, our new product manager, does a great job mailing out cd orders and running our product table. She also writes the family blog (read it here), plays piano and violin in our concerts, sings whatever part she is needed for, and helps with musical arrangements. Baking and cooking scrumptious food in the kitchen, spending time with her family, loving on her nieces and nephews (and all the other little people in her life), and nurturing relationships with her friends are what she loves doing the most. Elizabeth blesses us all with her beautiful decorating and delicious cooking. She is still working diligently at her schoolwork!

Hudson - 10.16.2005

Hudson is nearly as tall as his brothers, and takes every opportunity to work with them or play competitive basketball and football games together. He is calf manager on the farm, taking care of calf health and feedings. In concert, Hudson is our faithful bass player, as well as pulling his share of the load in setup and tear down. We all laugh more and play more games because of Hudson, and he exercises great zest for everything in life- people, Christ, work, and play. School is a necessary part of life that he gets done as quickly as possible!

Rebecca - 9.9.2007

Rebecca does a great job in her roles as "youngest" and "auntie". Loved dearly by her nieces and nephews, she's thrilled at every chance to play with them. Her diligence and attention to detail with her schoolwork carries over to other areas of life as well, making her our family’s queen of organization. Back on the farm, Rebecca watches over her beloved brood of chickens and occasionally helps out with the other farm chores. She enjoys going on sprints, reading missionary biographies, and practicing her cooking skills as our up-and-coming chef! Violin, piano, and bass guitar are her main instruments. Recently, we’ve been blessed to hear more of Rebecca’s beautiful voice in our concerts.

Joe - 1.27.2000

 Joe Xiques loves anything to do with music, and has enjoyed being part of the Bontrager Family Singers for the past several years. When he’s not playing guitar (or trying to learn some obscure instrument), he has a small business doing web development and graphic design. In his spare time, he gets a thrill out of arranging songs for his church music team, hanging out with his family in Florida, and dominating Denver under the basketball hoop. Joe recently launched a Beginner Guitar course, which you can check out at

The entire Bontrager clan!