July 6, 2021

A Birthday Party


December 5, 2007 was a time of celebration for our family. We were celebrating because for the first time ever, Grandma and Denver were together for their shared birthday. I can still remember how thrilled I was when Denver arrived almost a week before his due date, but exactly on his grandma’s birthday. My mother has had this dream of being in IA for this special day and this year her dream came true! We also invited Denver’s Grandma Bontrager for the party. The menu (chosen by my mother) was smoked ham, mashed potatoes, sourkraut, tossed salad, oatmeal cake, and homemade ice-cream.

Denver had the honor of blowing out the candles.

After a time of sharing encouraging words with the birthday guests, it was time to open the gifts!

One of Denver’s gifts was a 1,000 piece puzzle from his siblings.


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  1. Aww…what a very touching post! Thanks for sharing those pictures! Happy Birthday Denver and Grandma! I’m so glad your dream finally came true, Grandma! 🙂 Blessings to you all! love, Marissa

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