2024 family camp information


2024 Family Camp Dates: Sept 3-8th and Sept 9-14th


Family Camp is held at the Village Creek Bible Camp, located in northeast Iowa. Nestled among picturesque mountains and majestic forests, the camp provides the perfect location for an encouraging week of teaching, fellowship, and family time.

Village Creek Bible Camp 1588 Drake Road Lansing, Iowa 52170


1) Private bath housing (Heckman or Bunkhouse)

2) Lodge housing

3) Cabin housing

*The private bath housing are rooms that come each with a private bathroom, for an additional charge (as noted on the registration form)

*The lodge housing is similar to a "hotel style" with individual rooms that share a large, recently remodeled bathroom (men's/women's) with multiple showers/toilets/sinks/etc.

Each family gets their own room and shares the bathroom. Each room has one double bed and the rest of the beds are singles. We will assign you to a room based on the number of people in your family and how many beds you need.

*The cabins are the most primitive lodging and typically we assign those last, unless they are specifically requested. They are the furthest away from the dining hall and gym and have a shared bathhouse, with families each having their own cabin and then sharing the split (men's/women's) bathhouse. The cabins have only single beds.


The homestyle meals are absolutely incredible! Quantity, quality, and variety all combine to successfully satisfy the taste buds and fill the ever-hungry stomachs of the whole family.


The daily schedule includes morning and evening chapel, father/son and mother/daughter sessions, 3 meals + 1 snack per day, and lots of free time for exploring the beautiful camp, taking advantage of the fun activities, and bonding with family and friends.



Is Family Camp just for families?

We welcome anyone, whether or not you bring your family! Each year, family camp consists of entire families, plus singles, grandparents, and parts of families.

What does an average day schedule look like?

A normal day at Family Camp usually includes morning and evening chapel, a father/son and mother/daughter sessions, three delicious meals and an evening snack, lots of optional activities, and time for fellowship.

What should we bring?

Family camp is casual, and there are a wide variety of activities available, so plan accordingly. You will also need to bring your own bedding and towels.

Can we keep our children with us?

YES! Family Camp is completely family oriented, and you can be with your children all day long if you like!

What is the food like?

The food is delicious, filling, and family-friendly, with lots of healthy and allergy-free options.