Our handsome seniors, class of 2013!
The Friday following Labor Day, we had a graduation open house party for Carson(17) & Joshua(16).
Carson finished his school about 1/2 a yr ago but since Josh was so close to done he decided to wait on having a party til Josh was done and they could have theirs together.
It was a little crazy to get ready for another big event just several days after our big Labor Day celebration, but we managed. =)
We’ve found that it works out well to have grad parties after Labor Day…because we can use the Labor Day food leftovers! =)
For this party we served leftover hamburgers & also leftover icecream from Labor Day, along with a host of other yummies.

 I was so busy with the decorating and the food prep that I almost forgot to take pictures!
 we way overestimated on the fudge sauce plus hardly anyone ate it, for some reason, so we ended up with literally quarts of leftovers. It was pretty funny! 
(with that much leftover, we ate it it by the bowl-full for breakfast the next morning. just kidding)
These pictures were taken at the beginning of the party, when there were just a few people there. Many more friends and relatives came as the evening went on. 
The party was ended with late night volleyball games which lasted til 12am. =)
 Afterwards I remembered that I hadn’t gotten any pictures of their tables!
So I quickly took some, even though it was quite dark by then.
 I took a few of their senior pictures and made this photo board with them. 
I didn’t notice til afterwards that apparently one of Carsons photos on the top left, had fallen down. Oh well. =)
Carson’s side
and Joshua’s side
Congratulations boys! We love you guys!
Carson & Joshua’s senior photo shoots will be posted on my blog next week. Stay tuned!
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  1. Hello to all of the Bontragers,
    Congradulations Carson and Joshua! Are you two going to go to College and what are you going to study?
    I just wanted to tell you all a few things. You all are truly a blessing from God in my life. I love listing to your songs. You all sing and play so AMAZINGLY! Your girls are gorgeous! I love the way you all dress. Your kids are so nice to each other. I pray that when i have kids, that my kids are nice like your kids!
    In Christ,

  2. Thank you so much for inviting our family – we were blessed to be there! And volleyball was an added {super fun!} blessing…although I feel bad for those who had to endure the lack of my volleyball skills on their team. =) And mmm…those brownies look pretty amazing right now. =) Congratulations again to Carson and Joshua!

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