July 6, 2021



We were blessed to get some delicious corn from a neighbor early one morning. The boys got busy husking while the girls set up a table and tubs for washing, cutting, and packaging. By noon we had 77 quarts of corn in the freezer. And guess what we had for lunch??????
Hudson was such a good little helper. He certainly does not want to be left out of the action. Keep on husking!!

What a lot of energy is contained in these six boys!

Allison was a faithful scrubber and cleaner.

Chelsy and I got to cut the corn.


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  1. This is great to work as a family. My children & husband shucked it all and i cut & bagged it-yeah! I was wondering if you all plan menus and who does that and what they are? It would be helpful to know how you do that. Also, Becky aren’t you due to have your baby soon? 🙂 Lisa

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