October 15, 2011
Recently some of us were discussing our blog, and what we post here….and we realized that most of what we post is our “off time days”, which include cousins, field trips, friends, etc. 
Since all that is definitely not an accurate picture of a normal, typical “bus day”….we all agreed that it was time to show the world what daily life really looks like on the road. =)
These shots capture a few of our normal, daily routines….
Bible time with the littles
puzzle time for Rebecca while school is in session for her playmates
The three littlest doing reading and phonics together
Every week or so we “move in” to an area landromat. =)

Rebecca inserting quarters to keep the dryers going!
more school!
cleaning time….
….and school again
our boys can come up with some crazy ideas. Here is Denver, trying a new hairstyle right before his haircut.
there it goes…!!
Laundry again….
practice time!
we practice whenever we get the chance to leave our sound equipment up and stay at a church a little longer.



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