One of the most asked questions is “what does a day on the road look like?”  I will attempt to answer that question knowing full well that there is NO average day on the road.  There are also some days that we hope will never be repeated.  You ask why?  Well, can you imagine a family of 12 in a 45 foot bus  parked in a mechanic shop being worked on by  mechanics which our boys described as “looking like pirates”?  Unfortunately, the weather was cool and rainy, not a day for walking.  And there were no shopping malls in sight!  So we were stuck.  Now that was not so bad until the battery power started running low which meant the lights were quite dim.  No, we couldn’t run the generator or the bus because we were in a closed building.  As I remember it we took naps, talked, and read books in the little light we had.  Okay, I’ll get back to an average day.  Actually, first I’ll tell you what some of the weekly/monthly activities are:  cutting hair, washing the bus, changing oil, grocery shopping, organizing the bays ( storage under the bus), doing laundry, changing sheets, changing instrument strings, and working up new music.   Since there is no average day, I’ll tell you what my ideal day looks like. Though they don’t happen very often, I treasure each one.  The highlights of an “ideal” day on the road are:  staying in one spot for an entire day (it is so much easier to write!!), eating meals together as a family, accomplishing the feat of 4-5 hours of piano practice in one day (currently 4 of our children are taking piano lessons), and teaching Phonics to the little ones.

~ Our faithful dobro player, Joshua~
 ~Violin practice~
~ Beautiful pickin’~
 ~On this winter tour Marlin spent hours and hours on the phone with farm & ministry business~
 ~The little ones love exploring in the church nurserys~
 ~The guys “work out”-unloading equipment~
~Allison helps with the haircuts~
~At the end of March Elizabeth’s teacher, Chelsy, announced a piano practice contest for her students so there is great motivation for practicing these days~
~Bible time with little ones includes Bible stories, songs, Bible Memory, and History stories~

~Set up for the evening concert with We Care~

~posted by Becky


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