July 6, 2021

Denver’s Graduation Celebration


Denver completed high school right before we returned home from our summer tour. 
(FYI, we do our school a little differently than most people. Due to our unique schedule of touring AND farming, there are certain seasons that are better for concentrated schoolwork, and certain seasons that the children don’t do as much. At the beginning of high school for each student, our parents sit down with us and give us a list of all the books/subjects/projects they want accomplished for our high school requirements, along with the list of our state high-school requirements. The list varies from person to person depending on invididual strengths/weaknesses and also different giftings + talents. We then have the next “however long we choose/it takes”, to finish that list. We’ve all graduated at different times + ages. Denver worked like crazy through this past summer to finish out the last leg of his requirements. 
Hence, finishing in August, at age 16 1/2. =))

In attempting to find a date for his party, it was determined that since we would be cleaning up + doing prep for Labor Day anyhow..we might as well throw multiple parties that weekend. Why not? 
At first we all felt the idea was a little crazy but…eventually it was the one we went with. =)

Black, grey, and orange….

And here is the man himself! =) We don’t do a whole lot for decor at our grad parties-usually just a color theme and lots of pictures! So we did another wall (which I sadly have no pictures of) full of pictures from Denver’s life up to this point, and then we had a table for him with a scrapbook of baby/childhood pics, some of his senior pictures, and a few displays of his hobbies. (sports, animal skins, his Bible opened to his favorite verse, + Bible Bee trophies.)

Hot ham+cheese sandwiches (with a delectable butter/poppyseed/dijon mustard sauce), coleslaw, veggies+dip, chips, and brownies were on the menu.

That’s it for pictures-we have none of the actual party, or guests, or festivities, or anything like that. I guess we all just got too caught up in the party to remember to get pictures! It was a great time celebrating Denver!

If you are interested in seeing his senior pictures, visit this link here.

“That our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth….”
Psalm 144:12a


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  1. Congrats Denver! Looks like fun! Chels, you did an amazing job on his photos!!! Although you did have a pretty decent subject=))

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