What a highlight it was to spend five days with our grandparents in the Fingerlakes area of NY. (where mom grew up) 
In addition to our grandparents living there, mom has three sisters (+ husbands and children) who live there. We have so many memories made from our yearly visits to them and it is always so good to be with everyone again! 
Late night Rook games + good conversations!
Sisters in the kitchen. =)

These three spent many happy hours together playing with their dolls!

Strawberries were in season while we were visiting which meant that we got to help pick!
And eat, of course. =)

Berry-cleaning and testing crew. =)

We enjoyed the opportunities to work and help out with projects around my grandparents’ home. Above, Mitchell helping Grandma with her roses.

Some of the guys got a little creative one evening-in this picture you see them all standing whilst next to me was standing another brother with a pail of strawberries.
The goal was to see who could catch the most in their mouth. It was like a berry vaulting party. 
Too much energy, boys…too much energy. =)
Just sitting around chatting after a full day. Precious memories.

Bus maintenance and cleaning happening by Denver, above, and Mitchell. (not pictured)

There were two new babies to meet this time! One was little River Promise-what a cutie!

And this was little Miss Emma.

In the middle of our time there, who should show up and completely surprise us but CARSON! Most of us were completely shocked! And all of us were completely overjoyed. =) It was so good to have him there for a two-day visit. He also attended our concert and got to see how much we’ve digressed since he left the band. =)
An alfresco dinner of hamburgers, salads, and grandma’s famous peach delight.
Digging in!
Haircuts + shopping + lunch + great conversation with these cousin dears.
Family dinner in the church basement right before our concert that we did in the area. It was amazing to have Carson back in our “family hash” and have the circle complete again.
As has been said before…life in a traveling band means that music practice happens anywhere and everywhere. Gotta keep playing if you wanna keep improving! 

The guys worked on the guest bedroom and rec room above grandpas’ garage.

Hard at work.
Josh + Grandma chatting it up with baby Emma. She is grandma’s eighteenth great-grandchild!

Some of the cousins playing Parcheesi with Grandpa. This game is a family favorite!

Another beautiful evening cookout…

Allison has done a number of painting projects at our grandparents’ new house. This time Mitchell put up family pictures for all of the families and Allison painted above them.

She had lots of free advice from professional critics as she went along. =) (professional at criticizing, not painting, that is.:)

The (almost) finished product!! Still needing a picture of mom’s oldest sister and her ever-expanding family, and next to that we’ll put a picture of Grandpa + Grandma…and then its complete!

This cousin was gone during our time there but got home right before we left, so we met for an early morning breakfast + coffee…wonderful time together!

Grandpa + Taylor playing checkers.
Parcheesi with Grandma again…with a set of the younger cousins this time!

Allison and I with our godly grandma. We love her so much!

Sitting around in Grandpas’ living room singing hymns on our last morning there.

Two days apart in age and the very best of friends. 
Big family get-togethers mean lots of dishes to wash! Here we have Taylor and cousin Bekah on KP.

Taylor chatting with Grandma.

What do you know…they’re at it again! =)

Mom and two of her sisters enjoying delicious smoothies!
Rebecca getting some crocheting lessons from grandma.
My grandma is an amazing woman. Eighty-five and still going strong with a heart to help others. She crochets hundreds of baby hats every year and gives them a hospital to be given to immigrants babies.
 Looks like someone killed a snake in grandpas garden!

I did a promotional photoshoot for a local peach company one afternoon. The younger girl cousins thought this was such fun-as evidenced by the picture above! =) Who wouldn’t like drinking peach smoothies and eating peach fry-pies and getting to pose for pictures?!

Grandpa + Grandma Stoltzfus, the ones who started it all. How we love them. The miles are far between NY and IA but we treasure every moment we get to spend with them.
 The godly legacy and rich heritage they have passed onto their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren is truly such a GIFT.

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, 
Who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ.”
Ephesians 1:3



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  1. those pic's are so good! especially the promotional one…so good. it's almost sad that Carson ain't with ya'll anymore…but i could tell that ya'll were happy to see him! it's great he got to spend some time with ya'll.
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