July 6, 2021

Elizabeth’s 10th Birthday Party


Elizabeth chose a castle cake (and home-made ice-cream, of course:) for her birthday dessert this year. 
The meal was burrito bowls, Chipotle style.

blowing out candles.:)

I love how Rebecca is whispering in Hudson’s ear in this picture.:)  They were sharing secrets regarding the presents, no doubt.

Liz is the queen of expressions!

She is also an avid bookworm, and was thrilled with some new books among the presents.


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  1. How'd u make the castle cake and what's the recipe for the homemade ice cream? Happy 10th bday Elizabeth! U r so gorgeous, I love all of the funny facial expressions u make, and u r growing into a fine young lady!
    In Christ,

  2. What a lovely birthday celebration. We also have those books and really enjoyed reading them together. Always enjoy visiting your blog! Missy Parris

  3. A very happy birthday to Elizabeth! =) Such sweet pictures [love that girl's expressions! =)] and the Chipotle-styled dinner looks simply fantastic. =) Blessings + miss you all!

  4. Hello Elizabeth,
    Happy birthday to you, my dear friend!
    Hope that your day was as special
    as you are!
    May God bless you in the coming year.

    Love your friend~

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