We truly loved Alaska.  It was an experience.
This is our last post from our time there….
The scenery…breathtaking.  Never have we said, “Wow!  Look at that….it’s beautiful….amazing!” so many times!
The people….they’re brave.  We loved hearing stories of the ones who “pioneered”- making homes for themselves in the untamed wilderness.  We saw vehicles parked by the Copper River and asked our friends what they were for.  They explained that they belong to the people living across the river who have no roads going to their homes. (so they have to get to and from their homes by boat!)
We can’t fail to mention how kind everyone was to us strangers.  The list would be soooo long if we tried to mention all the dear folks who we met.  Their kindness and love has blessed us so much.  To any of our dear Alaskan friends reading this…..THANKS!

One day we had the opportunity to go on a canoe trip.  It was an adventure…… 
So…funny story here.
Mitch, Huds, and I were the sailors of this boat.  Mitch, in back, had the responsibility of “steering”.  Now, he’s really not the worst steerer in the world, but for some reason it seemed to me that we were usually heading the wrong direction.  So I would give excited-loud exclamations of “Mitch….we’re going the wrong way!!!!!  We’re heading for SHORE!”
Well, the Huds-boy happens to love big words and dramatic exclamations just as much as his big sis, so, upon my exclamations of our dire need for a course correction, Hudson would chime in with his own exclamations of, “We’re going to be marooooned!!!!!!!!” or “We’re running aground!!!”  Thankfully, Mitchell was just the stable force we needed, doing his best to steer our little craft and always remaining the calm one of the bunch.  Of course I should mention that we did or did not run aground only once.  But I’m pretty sure if we had capsized, Mitchell would have been calmly smiling and fishing us out of the water.  =)
Mom, Rebby, Dad.  It was sweet, the three of them putsing along.  They were kinda the “caboose” of us all…super relaxed and just enjoying the ride.
This part of the trip was a lovely adventure…..we tied the canoes at the edge of this dear island and went inland on the little animal trail.  Some dear (new) friends arranged this outing for us, and they knew just how to make everything so fun and adventurous.  
There was the dearest little spot where we roasted marshmallows.  
The boys tried to catch some fish.  I think maybe they caught one?
Here we are……sitting on logs, enjoying hot marshmallows and other yummy treats.
The whole group.
While in Skagway, some of us hiked a mountain one day with a friend of ours.
This is all of us, partway to the top.
Above, in front of the trolley, waiting for it to move so we could cross and begin the climb.
The boys
Our last morning in Alaska, some new friends invited us to stop by for breakfast at their little roadside cafe.
After breakfast, we had a few minutes for just a couple of us to ride their zipline.
chilly morning =)
The littles got a 4wheeler ride!
This is what some of the houses in “wilderness Alaska” look like. =)
It was incredible-all the animals our friends had IN THEIR HOUSE!
the little boys, ready to head to the river
Rebecca getting a thrill. =)

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Alaska 2013

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  1. No! Thankfully, no one's did, cause the water would have been COLD.:) Although, some people in this family love being in water just about ANY temperature.:)

  2. That's good. My parents went canoeing a few years ago and somehow my mom tipped the canoe. The water was cold. I can't swim in cold water.
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