July 6, 2021

Fall Days


What a joy it has been to spend these fall days at home!  No one has been bored and we have been enjoying a variety of activities.  Life with 12 is always interesting with something new just around the corner.
These days Rebecca is toddling around the house just looking for an exciting discovery!  What fun she had the day I put her in the kitchen sink.  

In the midst of end-of-the-season gardening, harvest, and many other projects there has still been time for some school lessons.  Allison is faithfully working on her Language Arts.
Is there any better education than reading?  The cooler days of fall means more time spent indoors and more time for reading.
Harvest season is a time for meals on the go and Elizabeth loves to help get the lunches packed!  She is learning how to make coffee, make sandwiches, and cut veggies for lunches.

Is there any better fall snack than a crisp apple?  Rebecca found this apple was just her size!!
We will most certainly miss the bountiful garden harvests.  Denver’s most loved garden projects was growing carrots.  California carrots cannot even come close to the sweetness of these carrots that we ate straight from the garden (sometimes we rinsed them!).
Watch for “Fall Days II” to follow…..


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An exciting announcement!!!

An exciting announcement!!!
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  1. Our family likes reading the Little House on the Prarie books too! I know how much my little brother love to listen to stories.
    Rachel Weller

  2. Lovely post, dear Bontragers! I absolutely love the picture of Rebecca with the apple. It’s just too cute! Love you all so much and miss you more!


  3. Tell Rebecca to send me an apple. 🙂 I wouldn’t mind one right now! LOL!

    Looking forward to the next “Fall Days” post!

  4. Those are some of the cutst picture’s;-) I LOVE fall!!! I love beeing a teenager:-) Hehe. Now you know why I love fall. Just kidding. Good times.

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