Family Camp is always such a highlight, and continues to get better each year! 
This year we had around 26 households in attendance. There was lots of fun, learning, teaching, growing, & good food!
As always the week ended too soon….and we’re already looking forward to next year!
Being a little short on time I’m not going to write about the week, but if you’re interested in hearing the story behind the pictures visit the Wissmanns Blog where Hannah wrote about the infamous boat races & the week in general.


family camp

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  1. Wow!! Seems like you had lots of fun and teaching! I Love those kind of conferences where you can be with Christian friends and fellowship! God is good to give us those precious moments!!

  2. A quick question, where's the rest of your blog? I was looking for an old post (the old-fashioned Bible meeting) and couldn't go back. I hope this is just temporary because I really enjoyed your old posts!

  3. Thanks for posting pictures of camp, Chels! 🙂 We definitely were sad that it didn't work out for us to come to camp this year (it was so encouraging last year!), but I'm so grateful we were able to come to Turning Hearts! =) Blessings!! -E

  4. Chelsea,

    Are you going to email us all (who were at camp) an attachment with the pictures? We appreciated that when you did it last year! 🙂

    Thanks so much and God bless your family! 🙂

    Pete & Jen

  5. Hello to all of the Bontrager's!
    That looks like a tone of fun!!? I have to go!!!
    I love u all! U all sing/play ur instrument super good! I love watching videos of u all! I would love to meet u all!
    In Christ,

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