May 12, 2014
On our winter tour, we met the parents of the owner of the Kalona Coffee House.  Well, the sweet mother told us that she wanted to pay for our whole family to go to the coffee shop!
We love this little establishment, but we have never gone there as a family.  In fact, we’ve never gone out for coffee as a whole family anywhere.  I’m sure some of you families out there know what I mean- that’s just not really in the budget.:)
So one chilly spring evening, we betook ourselves to the Kalona Coffee House for a family evening out.
We played games- “Take One” and “Rook” being the choices for the night.:)
And we ate and drank scrumptious delicacies like the chocolate creme slush above…..
and ice cream……….
hot tea……..
hot chocolate…
……and a hazelnut breve.  It was was fun being able to each pick out our own drink and sip it leisurely as we played games.
My family (well, most of us:) loves to taste each other’s food, share drinks, and all that good stuff.  It’s just more fun when you get to trade bites and sips and try several yummy things instead of having just what you ordered.  Now that I think about it, I must have tried about 4 or 5 different things that various siblings ordered that evening.:)
Coffee drinks are best in real mugs, and shared with people you love.
I love this picture of Mitchell and Josh!  It’s representative of who they are: Josh looks so chill, relaxed and happy, and Mitch has his usual big grin and that look of contentment and utter joy and kindness.  They are amazing men and I can’t imagine anything in the world better than being their sister (and that goes for all my brothers:).
Rebecca was snapping photos for awhile (hence any non-focused pictures and weird angles:) and she got this hilarious one of Dad.  I love it!
Here are Mother and Rebecca having some story time.
Denver & Chels

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  1. That looks like a lot of fun. So glad you guys got to do that!!! What a treat. We don't go out for coffee as a family either. 🙁 🙂 Loved all the pics. -Mary

  2. Looks like a sweet, dear family evening. Such fun.

    This is so true: "coffee drinks are best in real mugs, and shared with people you love." 🙂

  3. That looks like so much fun and yes, my mom/ sister and I share each others drinks or food sometimes. I think all family's do that sometimes.
    In Christ,

  4. That looks like fun. 🙂 Our family doesn't go out for coffee that much either but it is fun when we do get to get our own food/drinks at restaurants. By the way, Happy Birthday, Allison! 😀

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