July 6, 2021

Florida & Family & Friends


little girls & friends…
Once again…we set up shop in some friends’ yard and all the guys got their haircuts.
Looks like they are getting a little extra assistance here.=)
fellowship in the kitchen, around the table…this is the best. 
I love how food is a central theme,
 that brings us together…
makes us stop and sit down and eat and be together! 

Our homeschool history & geography curriculum are made up almost entirely of education games & old books. Above, the boys & friends play Axis & Allies and they learn geography, history, & military strategy, all in one shot. =)
We sang one night at a ranch that reaches out to disabled and underpriveleged children. 
Prior to the concert, Liz & Rebecca were delighted to get horseback rides!
Dad & Mom got a little time one day for a lunch date at a restaurant along a river in Palatka, FLA.
While they had their date, the boys went to a pawn shop and I took the little girls for a walk along the dock. It was a beautiful day…finally a WARM one! 
On cue, when the weather turned warm for several days, our bus air conditioner quit working. 
So you northerners, don’t envy us the warm weather too much. =/ Just saying…
I was looking for a quote about the weather…and found this one-thought it was pretty funny. 
“Don’t knock the weather; nine-tenths of the people couldn’t start a conversation if it didn’t change once in a while.” 


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  1. The hair cutting pictures are humorous. I like the picture of Mr. and Mrs. Bontrager on their date.
    The little girls look sweet together.


  2. Hello to all of the Bontrager's,
    I enjoy the cold weather and a little of the warm weather but not if its crazy hot.
    The pic of Mr.Marlin/Ms. Becky is cute! The pics of Liz/Rebecca r adorable!
    In Christ,

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