There were exactly twenty-five days from the day we arrived home, to the day the first (two) weddings take place. Shall we just say we hit the ground running? =) 
There’s no place like home—we are so blessed to all be together as we work and prepare! I don’t even really know how to properly post everything; there is so much to write and say, and so little time. But here’s a little snapshot of the first week at home. 
Also, I’m going to label this little “updates” series (review of these twenty-five days between arriving home, and the weddings) “Wedding Countdown” and then with each update, I’ll post the number of days that are left until our two day celebration begins. 

Mitchell is training Taylor over to be herd manager and run the records/registrations for our cattle. (Please pardon the chaotic looking office!)

I made lasagnas and french garlic bread and froze them for Mitchell + Bryn’s wedding rehearsal dinner. We will add fresh salad, green beans, and cheesecakes for a delicious Italian feast! 
The “Bontrager Bowers Double” (as we affectionately call the double wedding) rehearsal dinner is also underway (meat being cooked + frozen, etc) and we are planning a big Mexican buffet for theirs. 
Liz entertaining some of her favorite little Iowans. =)
Rebs + her little companion, picking cucumbers from our very prolific plants.

 Josh with a brother + a brother-in-law-to-be, mulching the trees on our farm.

 Liz arranging fresh bouquets from Allison’s flower beds.
Josh power washing the house. 
Some baking days are more memorable than others. WHY do certain individuals not put lids on salt containers?? You tell me! Probably because I needed to learn patience. =) 

Lots of muffins, safe in the freezer and ready for wedding week breakfasts!


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