July 6, 2021

//frozen blueberries//


 So….we eat them mostly in smoothies or straight out of the freezer with some yogurt.  We also pop them in muffins occasionally.  I’d love to know how you use blueberries!  

{posted by Allison}


food, love, sisters, smiles

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  1. I *love* those pics!!! You two are so cute!!! lol… anyhow, we use blueberries in pancakes sometimes… in muffins… smoothies… yogart… so yeah, not very many ways!!! I love them frozen though!!! -Mary

  2. Hey Allison,
    My parent's and sister love blueberries but me i'm more of a strawberrie person. There's a farm up the road from our house and they let ppl pick strawberrie. We pick strawberrie's every summer and then we make a pie with the strawberries!!! I love blueberrie muffins!!
    In Chist,

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