March 4, 2014
The other week we traveled all over one of our favorite states, Georgia.:)  We started by spending Sunday sharing in two wonderful churches.  Heritage Baptist, where we sang Sunday evening, has a dear little “mission” house that they invited our family to stay in.  It was have a “home base” for a few days.  
  And, no, bathtub photos are not typical around here.:)  It just so happened that the above phenomena made a darling photo and, well, there’s  more bubbles than anything else, so we just went ahead and captured the moment.
And just how did the little ladies come to be covered in all that frothy whiteness?  You see, it just so happens that the “little white house” has a luxurious jacuzzi tub.  Now, one day the little ladies decided they would go for a swim soak.  So they water was turned on and they jumped in the tub.  Well…..big sister came along to see how they were faring.  They expressed their heart’s desire to have bubbles to enhance their afternoon jacuzzi soak experience.  Older sister, desiring to grant the hearts’ desires of the darling little sisters, grabbed some hand soap and squirted a little in.  She then thought, “that probably won’t make very many bubbles”, so she ran to the kitchen, where she acquired a bottle of dishsoap.  Now back in the bathroom, she observed that said dish soap was rather liquid-ey, so, thinking it was probably watered down, she proceeded to dump a rather large amount of dishsoap into the tub.  Fast forward about ten minutes: part of the family was eating lunch in the kitchen when they heard yells issuing from the bathroom.  “Alliiii……come HERE!!!” in rather frantic tones was ringing through the house.  I ran to the bathroom to find the above.  Needless to say, I laughed hard and then endeavored to scoop out some of bubbles lest the house should float away on a sea of bubbles.:)
the end.
Mitchell, taking out the trash because he saw it was full.  What a man.
We were thrilled to spend some time with some dear Georgia friends.  We are so blessed by all the wonderful people who open their homes and hearts to us as we travel.  What a blessing to have so many “homes aways from home”!
Dear Miss Lana allowed me to invade her kitchen and cook to my heart’s content!  Since making a a big breakfast is one of my favorite things to do (and something I don’t really get to do on the road) I was thrilled to putter around in this lovely kitchen making breakfast with dear friends.
While there, two of my dear brothers somehow wedged rather large wood splinters in their feet.  Above, the men examine Joshua’s foot.  Thankfully, the splinters were extracted and Josh and Taylor are going full speed once again.:)
lets just say…some people in our family are more “overly dramatic” than others. =)
{see Taylor’s expression}
Yes, that is Carson on the roof of the bus.  While parked at one of the churches where we sang later in the week, he climbed up there to fix an air vent or something.  I teased him that he really just wanted to run around on the bus roof.:)  
Our week continued with more concerts, trips to Walmart, days on the bus, driving, etc.  And there you have a small glimpse of life lately.  The Lord has shown Himself faithful in every little and big detail of our life.  We have been amazed on this trip of His specific protection (more on that later) and abundant blessings to us.  Truly, we can say:
“All I have needed Thy hand hath provided;
Great is Thy faithfulness, Lord, unto me!”
I could write on and on about the things He has been teaching us as a family recently, but can I just say that God is so good?!  
“God takes care of His own.  He knows our needs.  He anticipates our crises.  He is moved by our weaknesses.  He stands ready to come to our rescue.  And at just the right moment He steps in and proves Himself as our faithful Heavenly Father.” (Charles Swindoll) 


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  1. Ok for how much bubbles is in that hot tub that's enough for like what too tubs oh no wait make thaw that three tubs that look so all wet and peeking their heads though the mount of bubbles and if I were ail I would grab hand and then go oh that won't make much bubbles and go and add water down dishsoap and I if were Carson I won't not climb on top of the bus roof hey but thank God he didn't get hurt and I feel bad for Taylor and josh that got splinters in their feet lov u chels much for posting blog I been waiting for blog I was getting a little bit mad so thank u so much for posting lov y'all and God bless y'all 🙂

  2. Ohhh! The Swansons! I loooove those people! Sweetest I've ever met! Miss them allot! Love their big open kitchen also! wow…. Lizzie

  3. Hey Bontragers,
    OMG and wow the bubble bath. That's the best one! Wait till I show my sister and she'll b in shock over it to. That's great! Allison u like to cook? So r Joshua and Taylor better know? What exactly happened to them?
    In Christ,

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