July 6, 2021

Headed To Nationals!!!!!


 We are in a huge state of excitement over here at the Bontrager home, as we have just lately learned that Joshua & Taylor have qualified (made it to the top 100 in their divisions)
 and will be headed to Tennessee in November for the
  National Bible Bee Competition!!!
Please join us in congratulating them by leaving a comment?!
Also please keep Josh & Taylor in your prayers as they have their work cut out for them for the next 2 1/2 months. 
They will both need to continue reviewing their 100 passages that they memorized for locals.
They will need to extensively study 1st & 2nd Timothy, in addition to preparing for the intense written tests.
With being in the senior division, Josh will need to memorize an additional 600 verses, & Taylor, in the primary division, will memorize an additional 300.
We love you guys! We’re SO proud of your hard work!
“Whoso despiseth the Word shall be destroyed, but he that feareth the commandment shall be rewarded.” 
Proverbs 13:13


bible bee

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  1. Congratulations Joshua and Taylor! I know how it feels to be successful in the Bible Bee, as of last night!:) I was number 77 in the Junior Division and can't wait till the National Competition! God Bless You! I will be praying!

  2. Congratulations to both of you! I know the excitement – as myself, along with 3 of my siblings, made it as well to Nationals! I was very excited when I saw that you all qualified as well!

    Do you think that your whole family will be able to come this time? I'd really like to meet you all!

    ~A Senior Contestant 😀

  3. Great Job, Joshua and Taylor! We are looking forward to seeing you all at nationals. We will be praying for you all as you prepare and you can pray for me too!
    Jessica, for all the Groves

  4. Hey Joshua and Taylor,
    Congratulations on reaching this milestone. I trust you will be blessed as you continue your memory work and that no matter where you place at Nationals you will grow through this experience.

  5. Great Job!!! Although I didn't qualify, it was a good summer studying 2 timothy and memorizing the verses, wasn't it?

    God bless you all as you study!!
    A Senior Contestant 🙂

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!! I am so happy for you guys!! God bless you for your hard work and… Isn't it wonderful to have God's Word written in your heart?? Have fun!!

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