July 6, 2021

Heading to Ontario // July Schedule


Tomorrow morning we are heading up into Ontario to spend the next week giving concerts there before our return to Iowa.

 We would love to see some of you canadian readers at one of our concerts! 

8….The Maretzki Farm, 3858 Konkle RD::Beamsville, ON::7pm
rescheduled due to rain, new location Grimsby Bible Church, Grimsby, ON::7pm

10…Mapleview Mennonite Church::Wellesley, ON::7:30pm

11…Lighthouse Gospel Church::Port Burwell, ON::7pm

12…EUMI Auditorium::Leamington, ON::7pm

13…Leamington Evangelical Mennonite Church::Leamington, ON::10:30am

13…Carrick Camp::Mildmay, ON::7pm

14…Pigeon River Mennonite Church::Pigeon, MI::7pm


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Madeline Sue Maxwell!

Madeline Sue Maxwell!
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  1. I wish I can come to the Pigeon River Mennonite Church::Pigeon, MI::7pm one my mom is not off it be cool if your family stops by my house and say hi or something
    Pigeon, Michigan wow I hope one day you do one concert in warren, Michigan


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