December 23, 2012
 This week my parents left for their annual December “several-day-get-away-to-set-goals-for-the-coming-year”. 
That left the ten of us children home alone, which we always love.
although we do miss them…
we figure that since they are having so much fun on their getaway we should do some special things as well.
They left the day before the little blizzard/windstorm that hit our area.
Thursday we didn’t leave the farm at all (except for Carson who drove down the road to do the hog chores)
We had an awesome time….lots of Dutch Blitz & other games, hot chocolate, reading, special foods, listening to Christmas music, fun projects, working on our new tour outfits (can’t wait to show the progress next week!!), and movies, among other things. 
Below are a few pictures of our little winter wonderland…



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  1. Oh my, it looks like you had allot of fun.. I love playing Blitz! We should do that together sometime! 🙂 That would be GREAT! Thanks for taking the time to update this blog! We (us children) love to come on here and check it! Very fun.. Mary Anne Ebersole

  2. Sounds like bunches of fun. *smile* And Allison, your expression in the first picture definitely made me smile. =) The snow pictures are so beautiful, Chels! Blessings!!

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