November 21, 2007

Liz loves putting puzzles together! Here she is with her latest favorite! 🙂

Yesterday afternoon we older 6 enjoyed a game of hockey in the shop. (while the little ones napped) Teams were Mitchell, Allison, Denver, and Taylor against Carson, Joshua, and myself. Unfortunately, the, ahem, “bad” team (them) won, and the “good” team (us) lost. 🙂

Lots of action and much concentration!

Here, Carson is diligently working and Mitchell is, well……diligently being funny??!! 🙂

Liz & Hudson enjoyed stories read by Joshua


Yes, you heard correctly-we are home alone! No need to get worried, its going great and we’re having a fabulous time. Some of the highlights were hockey, indoor s’mores, personal mini pizzas, movie night, hide n seek IN THE DARK, many story times, sewing projects (the boys would want me to clarify that sewing was a highlight for the girls!) and a rousing & quite noisy 45 minutes of Dutch Blitz (we didn’t get any pics. of that because it is my ultimate favorite game and there was no way I was going to skip a round to get my camera!) All in all we had a simply wonderful time……but we are now on the countdown for the scheduled 6:30pm arrival of our favorite people………Dad, Mom, & Rebecca!! 🙂
(~Chelsy reporting for the “Nine Alone”~)


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  1. sweet!
    i was thinking of you this morning and missing you all… thanks for the new post and for the awesome pics.
    love you all so much!’
    ps. where did mom and dad go???

  2. since two of the chmelar girls commented i’ll make it three!

    the pictures are always fun to see. oh! i really like the duck tape on taylors hockey stick. that is so something our fam would do!

    can’t wait to be with you all on monday! it’s gunna be great!


  3. awesome post, Chels! Your tutor would be proud of you! *wink and giggle* 😀 I love the pics…know the feeling of being “the mom”… but it’s not bad at all! *grin* I’m so glad you had such a great time! those are precious memories that you will never forget! Oh, I love the picture of Liz–it’s darling! She has such a lovely smile! have a great rest-of-the-day, and love you!

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