August 10, 2018
Hello friends! This is Chelsy blogging for the family today! I am currently on the home farm spending the week with my family-my husband had a trip on which I was unable to go, and so instead I came to Iowa and quite literally jumped out + surprised my family when they arrived home on Monday. =) It was a very fun “operation surprise” and  completely successful!
I’ve been enjoying helping with the typical “coming home” craze, and participating in the various family activities. Everyone is THRILLED to be home on the farm again! 
First on the list of priorities for the family was SEEING AND HOLDING THOSE GRANDBABIES! Monday night found everyone here (including Grandma + Joe) gathered up at Joshua + Cassidy’s for a grand welcome home party. Cassidy served “breakfast for dinner” and it was such a lovely evening of yummy food, tour stories, and various music highlight videos. Joe recorded several of the family’s concerts while he was with them and apparently one night Hudson got the hiccups during “Jesus Paid It All”. Joe cut out everyone else’s vocals and played for us a “Hudson Hiccup Solo” that had us absolutely in stitches!! 
Seeing my parents as GRANDPARENTS is beyond incredible! 
Above, Dad + Mom meeting Jubilee. What an angel girl!
Such a cherub!
(Wallace, not Denver. Haha!)

These siblings arrived “first” at Josh + Cassidy’s so they wouldn’t have to share Wallace with as many people.

I was privileged to be enlisted to make the biscuits + gravy for the gang. So fun to cook up an exorbitant amount for all these farm kids! 
The tribe.
The Spread
Love this so much!
I’d say grandparenthood is looking really good on these two!
Sleeping darlings…

Game time! One of our family favorites is “Take One”. We are very serious and studious when we play this, as you can tell by the expressions in this photo. =)

Tuesday evening found the fam out at our campsite enjoying a relaxed evening + cookout. 
Such special times with the sisters!
Dad’s latest project is rebuilding this old bridge on some of our land.
It is going to be beautiful when it is completed! 
And of course…the days are filled with all those things we are too busy to photograph, such as farm work, daily chores, gathering in garden produce, music lessons + practice, errands, canning, and all those “home” things. 
As always, it is so good to be back on the farm, getting sweaty + dirty and enjoying the country life!



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  1. It's posts like these that are my favorites! It makes me look at the simple blessings in my own life in a fresh light with new delight.

    Thank you for sharing the sweet happenings in your family regularly. Each post is encouragement to me and an inspiration to live more deeply in the life God has blessed me with.

    Congratulations on the new additions to your family. They are darling!


  2. So enjoyed your post, Chelsy! I'm so glad that everyone made it home safely, and I'm sure you've all been enjoying those precious little ones so much! 🙂 Oh, the pictures are so sweet!! ♥♥♥

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