April 5, 2015

We arrived at this most beautiful place called HOME, yesterday morning at 7:30am.
(thanks go to our three faithful drivers who switched out with each other to drive all through the night from Nashville and get us home as soon as possible!)

We unloaded and came in the front door to find a huge “Welcome Home” sign on our dining room table, along with all sorts of yummy breakfast and snack foods/drinks. (all from our church family @ MABC)
About an hour later, one of my aunts stopped by and brought a delicious lunch for us. Not long after she left, two of our cousins stopped by with fresh cinnamon rolls. One of our uncles stopped in to welcome us home. Our hired guy stopped in during breakfast and we got to hear some great stories of things that happened while we were gone. =)
Our hearts just feel so full with all the love from our “Iowa people”.

It is absolutely marvelous to be back on our Iowa farm! After spending the past three months on the road, we were all just longing to come home to the country. We have settled right back into our “other life”. It is actually more of an adjustment to go from home to the road, than from the road to home. This farm life is what comes most naturally to us and we all love it. Within just hours of being home there was already someone working on equipment, someone working in the field, several people choring, several people cleaning the bus, several people unpacking, and yours truly attacking with vengeance the last weeks’ worth of laundry + the bus blankets/sheets. This house has been transformed in the past 36hrs! When we arrived home it was quiet and empty and clean. We changed all three of those things in no time flat. =) Our goal was to beat our previous records and have everything unpacked, cleaned, and put away before we went to bed. We didn’t quite make that, but by tonight pretty much everything is finished and we are ready to once again be full-time farmers and country folk.

The picture above is from our first meal together again at our very own dining room table. Since Josh’s 18th birthday was only two weeks ago, he opted to wait and celebrate it at home. So we did that last night, with homemade pizza, veggies, Izzies (thanks to our MABC friends who gave those!) and chocolate cake with homemade ice-cream. It was unbelievably good to sit around our own table together. We all went around the circle and everyone was supposed to say the best thing in their day- their favorite part of being home. Almost without exception everyone mentioned some form or aspect of WORK. (cooking, hanging laundry, feeding the calves, etc) And I was just reminded again how thankful I am that our parents have raised us to love work. We all honestly love to work, and work hard. It’s one of the biggest things we miss when we are on tour, since on the bus there aren’t a whole lot of opportunities for physical labor. We work hard when we’re on tour, too, but there our work ends up being a lot more mental and emotional, and not as much physical.

All that said…thank y’all so much for your prayers and support of our family while we were on tour! We are forever grateful for all that Jesus did, and it is our prayer that His light would always shine through us as His children, whether we are out on tour, or home on the farm and in our community.

Because ministry isn’t about one’s occupation. It is about one’s heart for the gospel, and letting that heart spill out into every area of our lives and onto everyone that we meet.

“Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might.”
Ecclesiates 9:10a

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  1. So happy that ur home now I love Izzi so much I didt kown that they have it in can's thou an it is cute u put izzies because their are 12 of them sitting on the table thou we a dog that we adore so much an it is how siad izzies because it makes it sound like their are a bunch of lil izzys run around hehe happy Easter love Ashley Evans hugs lov u guys an God bless u guys 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday Josh!!! I just turned 18 too about a month ago! Being 18 is a lot of fun! =)
    Trust God, and he will show you the paths to take…He has beautiful plans for your future! (Jeremiah 29:11)
    God bless y'all!

  3. Yes, thankful that y'all got home safely! And happy 18th birthday to Joshua! Lovely dinner:)
    God bless y'all!
    {Psalm 33:20-21} love this verse! And, just wanted to say that I LOVE how all y'alls posts have Scripture verses in them! Thanks for the example!

  4. I'm so glad ya'll got home safely! I can't imagine how glad you all must be to finally be home! I hope you are enjoying this beautiful spring season!

    In Christ,
    Sarah F.

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