Arrived home on Monday morning, Aug. 1st, @ 4:00am. I don’t think it has ever been SO GOOD to be home. As we began to look around though, we realized that much had happened in those six weeks we were gone.
The gardens were…..hardly visible underneath the mountains of weeds.
Our farm resembled a jungle more than a farm. 
On top of all that, we had just spent 6 weeks out west, where “hot” is 75 degrees, with no humidity.
On Monday, Iowa was 100 degrees, with, well, lots of Iowa humidity.
To us, it seemed like….the amazon?
BUT….it was home, and that was wonderful!!

The  wilderness. Our poor farm looked so much like twelve people had completely neglected it for 6 weeks. 

weeds, weeds, and more weeds…

Working hard

It usually gets worse…and then it gets better. Here’s the worse….
….and here’s the better!
This sight brings a smile to my face. 
I was so excited to be home, that I woke up as soon as we drove in. (4:00am) There was no way I was gonna get back to sleep! So Allison & I got up and had three hours to tackle the work before the littles awoke. By 7:00am I had three loads of laundry on the line. SUCH a fulfilling feeling-this way to do laundry beats those western laundromats any day!
Fresh flowers…from OUR flowerbed….on OUR dining room table….and guess what? We don’t have to worry about them falling over when we go around a curve! 
Hurrah!! =)

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  1. ''There's no place like home.'' It's so true! We can sympathize about the weeds. Enjoy your time at home! Hope it's such a wonderful time of refreshment! God bless! Rebecca K.

  2. I can completely understand! We don't around like that, but we are gone from home sadly most of the week. I miss home all the time. Glad you're all home safe and sound.


  3. I liked your blog last month about the hutterite colony visit. I teach at a colony in South Dakota, so I found the post very interesting. Do you know them or did you just drive in for a tour?

    Also, I was wondering if you have any CDs coming out soon?

  4. My husband had visited a Hutterite Colony on business before but this was the first time we were at a colony as a family. We had a met the son of one of the families in the colony so that is how we got the invitation to visit the colony.

    Plans are to record a cd next week!


  5. Hey I know what its like to travel with 10 kids!! 🙂 We actually are leaving on a family trip Aug 13 for 2 1/2 weeks. We will be going to yellowstone!! Can't wait but also will be glad when we are back home again. Karen Rohrer

  6. So thankful you are home. Your mom and I talked about getting together in August while you are home. Let us know when that might work. Our oldest 2 left for Africa yesterday so it will just be 12 of us! 🙂 You can read about it on my blog!


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