July 6, 2021

House Update


There’s a house going up this summer for Carson and Lina! Here are a few pictures of the process, mostly taken in May.


With Dad as the general contractor, all of the older boys have gotten a chance to be involved in various stages of the building. Carson, Josh, and Denver got to work with the framing crew, and Mitchell has been working with the plumbing + electrical crews. It has been great to have excellent local crews who are willing to let our guys work alongside them!

Carson, testing things out with a few of his future brother in laws. =)
Checking out the progress with friends.
View from the lane which leads to the house.
Note: some of y’all have been asking about the details for the house. My parents have been wanting to build something a little smaller than our current house, at a beautiful location in the woods, for them to live in someday. (for those of you who have been to our campsite, this house is located right on the outskirts of that) With there still being quite a few of us at home, my parents aren’t ready to downsize yet, but decided to go ahead and build now, and rent the house to one of their sons. Carson was the first one engaged and he also will be working on the farm the most (with his mechanic business location there) so he is the one who will be living in the house for at least the first few years. 


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An exciting announcement!!!

An exciting announcement!!!
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    1. It isn't far away; it is actually on another set of land that my father owns. My parents are building it, and Carson + Carolina will be renting from them. The plan is for my parents to live there eventually.

    2. Where will the other two couples live? Who will live in your current house when your parents get this place?

    3. The other two couples each have houses lined up. And as to the second question-I have no idea. =) That's a little far in advance to know.

  1. What a sweet blessing! As an only child who married a fellow with only one brother, I'm envious of your large and close-knit family!

  2. I was going to ask how you have a garden and travel for most of the summer. Now I need to ask how you build a house and travel most of the summer??!! You guys are incredible! How do you do it??

    1. Lord-willing it will be completed sometime in August, in time for Carson + Carolina to get set up and then moved in when they return from their honeymoon. A lot of the work was completed when we left but there's still a lot more happening over the summer!

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