July 6, 2021

In Concert


This was a Sunday morning concert at Fredricksburg Christian Fellowship in Fredricksburg, TX.
(thanks to our friend, Claire Beall, for the pictures!)


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  1. Sooo good to see your pictures !!! We MISS YOU !!!!! God bless you as you serve our Lord and Bro. Bob is BESIDE himself to join you !!!!!! Excited to hear how God will use you all!!!! Be safe and HURRY HOME !!!! :O)

  2. I like your blue/black outfits. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

    I miss you guys and can't 'til we can see you again.


  3. I enjoyed seeing these concert pictures. =) One of my very favorite parts of your concerts is the sibling cooperation song – so unique, amusing, amazing! It's such a blessing to see your family glorify the Lord together through your ministry of singing and music. =) Praying as you continue your tour!

  4. Y'all's 'double sibling cooperation' or whatever y'all call it is awesome!! 😀 Definitely playing skillfully with your hands! Keep it up; it must be so fun to play! 🙂

  5. Hi! I was wondering… Couldn't you post some videos of when you sing so that we can hear you guys?? I would really love it!

  6. Hi Anonymous!

    Different people have posted a variety of videos of us on You Tube. You are welcome to check those out- some our old, some more recent!


  7. Hello to the Bontrager Family,
    I love ur outfits! They r so pretty! U all r gorgeous in them! I love watching videos of u all!
    The pics r so good!
    In Christ,

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