July 6, 2021

In the Studio


We had the opportunity to go to Ware House Productions Studio in Omaha, NE the beginning of this week to record our 2nd cd. It was definitely a team effort for our family. The first day found Joshua with most of the little ones in the bus where they read stories, played games, and took naps. Chelsy, Mitchell, Allison, Carson, and I worked on the instrumental tracks while Marlin sat beside the producer, Mr. Ware, and encouraged us all to stay focused plus checked on the little ones frequently. Day two found us finishing up the instrumentals and then moving on the vocals. We are so thankful for God who gives us a reason to sing and also to Mr. Ware who so patiently recorded all our efforts and then carefully worked to correct our many mistakes. It was a fun 2 days for all of us.

A year and a half ago when we recorded our first cd Carson was just learning to play the bass but this time he got in on the action!

Elizabeth loves to sing!

Denver made his violin debut on “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus”

Even Rebecca got in on the action.

This time Hudson sang “Amazing Grace”.

Meet our patient, talented producer, Mr. Ware.

Being in the studio wasn’t all work!!

A bonus to recording in Omaha was spending time with the Wissmann Family. Thanks to all the Wissmanns for your generous hospitality! Here is a picture of Hudson “reading” a story to Charissa Wissmann.


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  1. So, so, so fun! You did a great job capturing the “studio moments,” Chelsy. What memories recording can make…

    It was great seeing you all again!

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