July 6, 2021

//January Moments//

bundled to pick up pecans in the chilly Mississippi air
pecan party!
helping make scarves to be sent overseas

 ice along the bottom of our bus…in MISSISSIPPI, no less!
Our family with our dear friend, Troy Walker.  
a jam session:)
archery with friends
It was a blessing to see our friend, “Little Bear Wheeler”.  His family camp (which we attended years ago) was our inspiration to start Homeschool Family Camp.
This is where we’ve been living since January second.
volleyball with friends
Rebecca playing with her little friend, Hannah
Taylor’s birthday party in the bus
lunch with friends
Liz & some of her friends
Eva & Mother 
We attended the wedding uniting our cousin, Will, to the lovely Katie.
Jacob & our cousin, Dorcas enjoying the reception together:)
The receptions was such a party!
The food was delicious, especially the chocolate covered marshmallows.:)
Dorcas, Teresa, & Chels
Aunt Karen, Grandma, and Dad
Aunt Karen’s open mic speech was so sweet.
cousins: Keirra, Annika, Brooklyn, & Rebecca
We are blessed by all the dear friends who host us along the way! 
The “make your own grilled sandwich bar” was delicious and so fun!  Who knew that grilled pb & jelly could be soo yum?!
encouraging conversations

helping in the kitchen
game time:)


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  1. That was a VERY fun post! It looks like God has been SO good to you this tour!!! I have been thinking about you all a lot… wanting to play volley ball… ! Maybe when you come back! Prayers, Mary

  2. Enjoyed the pics! Downloaded some from the wedding…thanks!:) Look forward to seeing you all in April! Safe and blessed travels to you!

  3. Nothing like making memories with your family. 🙂 I must say though, that is the most interesting wedding cake I've ever seen. We were watching my parent's wedding video to celebrate their 25th anniversary and when it got to the reception and the part where they put the cake in each others mouths, my dad accidentally bit my mom's finger. It was really funny. 🙂 But anyway, I will continue to pray for safety as y'all travel. God bless!
    ~Abby Allen 🙂

  4. Hi Allison and Chelsey,
    Sounds like you all are having a good trip! We're wondering if you happen to know if Little Bear Wheeler still hosts a family camp, and if so, do you happen to know a website for it?
    Thanks so much!
    It was fun to see you again last month at our church!
    Blessings to you all,
    Kate Bridges

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