We are so thrilled to be here at the National Bible Bee this week! It has been an intense several months of study for our three National contestants (Denver-senior competition, Hudson-junior competition, and Rebecca-primary competition) but finally THE WEEK is here! We would love to have all of you join us via the Livestream as God’s Word is proclaimed + magnified!

You can watch the livestream + view the schedule of events HERE. Hundreds of you, our blog readers, have enjoyed “joining” our family, via the livestream, over the last several years. It is the next best thing to being here in person and we would be delighted to have y’all join us again!

We will not be updating the blog this week, but will be posting pictures, videos, etc over on our instagram. Follow us on instagram @bontragerfamilysingers for updates and lots more of fun happenings here with our family at the National Bible Bee 2017!


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  1. This question doesn't have anyhing to do with this post but how many Dairy cows do you have?

    Congrats to Hudson and Denver!

    Watched the whole live stream!


  2. Hi I enjoy your blog immensely. Will this carry on when chelsy gets married? And will she have one of her own so we could follow her newly married life? I'd be so excited if she would! By the way, 1 more question. When is Chelsys wedding date? Thankyou! And God bless…

    1. Hello Candi!
      Chelsy here. =) Yes, the blog will continue after I get married. My sister Allison wrote the posts/managed it during November, and this month will be a little sparse with other things going on. We aren't sure yet who the new blogger/s will be, but it will be continuing hopefully!
      You can follow me over at my blog, http://www.chelsyrenee.com Currently I'm pretty busy planning my wedding, but I do hope to post updates about my life after I am married! =)
      Thanks for your comment!

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