We kicked off DOUBLE wedding celebrations with an engagement brunch for Josh + Cass, last Saturday. The Bowers family hosted and prepared a delicious breakfast.
 The brothers’ favorite verse these days!
 Sweet pictures, just a sprinkling amongst the hundreds taken over the past nine months. =)

 Tables ready for the hungry crew, looking lovely with fresh flowers and the morning sunlight.

It was very similar to Carson + Lina’s engagement party—a fun time of amazing good, many hugs, lots of smiles, encouraging words, and stories shared by the couple and various family members.

So thankful for God sending this family our way + uniting their two girls with our two guys! 
Double wedding planning is in full swing (with Josh leaving on tour with us next week there are a lot of decisions needing to be made before then!) and there is so much excitement in the air. We are very blessed!



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  1. That is SO exciting! Did you say it's gonna be a double wedding? Congrats to all 3 couples and praying for you all. Wedding planning can be so much fun, but it also can be so stressful. Will they all be living close by?

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