February 7, 2022

Labor Day Weekend || Recap


 We had a wonderful Labor Day weekend with a houseful of company!
I was so grateful that we had been able to get most of the prep for Monday done earlier in the week so the weekend could be a little more relaxed and not quite so crazy as some years. =)
Unfortunately in the midst of things going on my camera stayed in its case most of the time.
I didn’t get to document Friday night, which ended up being quite eventful.
The Duggars (the special guest speakers for the 2013 Turning Hearts Celebration) 
had just arrived and we were getting ready to all head up to my grandma’s for a delicious home-cooked “Amish-style” meal. 
But right before we left there was a fire somewhere on the mile-long stretch between grandma’s and our house and one of the power lines came down so basically our whole little neighborhood was without electricity for most of the evening. 
Thankfully all the food was already cooked and hot so the only thing that wasn’t ideal was that the air conditioner obviously didn’t work and it got quite warm inside.
 And as the sun went down the dining room got a little dim. But other than that it was great.
Nearing the end of the meal the lights all blinked and came back on and we gave up a cheer for the wonderfulness of returned electricity. =)
Everyone pitched in to do dishes and then we came back to our house for Allison’s famous pie and homemade icecream.
Saturday was pretty laid-back; there were various last minute things to do for Labor Day (setting up chairs and the sound system, doing a sound check, farm chores, making meals, etc)
Mom took a load of people to our local Amish stores and the Cheese Factory.
As always it was fun to show “non-farm” folks the ropes of running a farm. 
Our life is definitely pretty different than the norm, with all the animals we have and everything going on!
these little guys pitched right in with helping our boys with their chores. 
With forces combined, they had quite the crew. =)
Saturday night we loaded up on a hayride and went out back to the woods/campsite for a cookout.
Sunday morning and evening the Duggars spoke and sang at our church
At each service there were more and more people as our church people had invited friends, plus more of our out-of-state friends and guests kept arriving.
Sunday after church some dear friends of ours invited our big group over for lunch.
And then Sunday night everyone (?? families-including all our friends who arrived Sunday from out of state) came over to our house for snacks and volleyball and I didn’t get pictures of that either. =)
And then there was Labor Day, which I will post about on Monday!
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  1. love all the pictures of your weekend we also loved hearing and visiting with you this am in Elgin, IA Thanks and God Bless we can't wait to hear you again.

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