Company began arriving on Saturday and by Sunday night we had quite the crowd already. =) We enjoyed having many of our guests with us at church for the evening service, and then out to our farm afterwards for fingerfoods & fellowship.
One of the highlights of the weekend was that one of mom’s sisters and her family from NY stopped by for a very short visit on their way out west for a family vacation. Their stay was way too short but we LOVED seeing them again and spending time together!
So many people helped in so many ways to get ready for Labor Day. There’s no way we could ever mention everyone! Above is the official carrot-chopping crew, cutting the carrots for the pasta salad.
smiling faces in the kitchen:)
The boys give lots of “tours/field trips” in the barn and around the farm on Labor Day!
“Denver and company” during chore time.
Around noon on Monday, the people really started arriving.  It was so fun to see everyone spread out to enjoy the activities of the day.
Ice cream was served!  What could be better than an ice-cream cone on a beautiful summer afternoon?
There were folks spread all over the farm, eating picnic lunches, getting to know new friends, or just relaxing.
A HUGE highlight for the guys every year is the football game.  It was quite the party- dozens of guys having an absolute blast playing football for hours!

Ahh…suppertime!  Chelsy and crew did a great job serving up a delicious meal to hundreds of hungry people!

The messages by Mr. Bowers were so inspiring and encouraging.  His afternoon message was about the agenda in our nation.  In the evening he delivered an encouraging message about family and the hope for our nation.
(you can read more about their documentary, Agenda, here)

The Bowers family shared their beautiful music, complete with acapella, instrumental, and mixed songs.  It was a delight to hear their beautiful harmonies and instruments.  
We Bontragers introduced each other and shared a few songs.

“Sibling Cooperation”

After the evening session, a big group of (mostly:) young people gathered on the lawn to play volleyball.  The game lasted until early in the morning, along with more fellowship time.

Taylor and friends
Denver and Charlie
More good times!
I love this photo!  The blue sky, the bright green grass, the horse-drawn buggy, the corn field, and the cow (calmly birthing her calf:) all meld to create a beautiful image of country life.  
Here is our lovely “laundry queen”, making order out of the chaos of monstrous piles of laundry that were the aftermath of a crazy weekend.:)
our faithful dog, Ryker
a jam that happened in the midst of everything else:)
Mother, Father, Mr. Bowers, and Mrs. Bowers

We snapped a photo with some of us and some of the Bowers family right before they left.  We had a wonderful time with this dear, sweet family!  They are so genuine, and we were beyond blessed by their love for Jesus and people all weekend as they selflessly served.
{special thanks to Carolina & Cassidy Bowers, Cheryl & Elizabeth Adams, Jared Sutherland, & Kaylee Morris for the photos!}

-posted by Allison


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  1. This looks wonderful, we enjoyed the Agenda movie and would love to meet and hear the Bowers Family. Wish we were closer, do you ever have families from TN there? It would be a great weekend for us, I'm sure!

  2. Wow, I am {very} behind on commenting! Turning Hearts was such a special time and we're so thankful for all the hard work you guys poured into it. Such a blessing to so many! Already super excited for next year, Lord willing. 🙂 Thanks again!

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