After crossing the border from Mexico back into Texas, we spent Friday evening shopping and catching up on USA life. (aka turning our phones on!) 
Early the next morning, we headed to Carlsbad, NM, right across the Texas line, and toured the caverns there. (above) We had an incredible time and once again were just in awe of God’s amazing creation! 
Inside the caverns. This place was so cool, and we highly recommend it! 
All eleven of us!
Saturday, Sunday, and Monday found us in Seminole, Texas, giving concerts, spending time with people, and catching up on school, office work, and music. 
Enjoying a meal + fellowship in the home of friends…
Other family friends brought lunch over on Monday to the church where we were singing/parked.
All set up and ready to go for our concert in Muleshoe!

Our family off days are few + far between, and they always end up being exceedingly random! This one included several hours at a coffee shop, a family four-square game at a park, a birthday dinner out for Josh + the parents, and games back in the bus for the rest of us.

Multi-tasking. Walls sits during sound check. Quite impressive. =)

Our new bass player! Hudson is doing amazing. =) 
It is bittersweet to be losing yet another band member after this tour, but we are also excited for the talents the Lord has given our younger ones and for how they are working so hard to step up and fill the shoes left by those leaving!

Morning breakfast in Paris, Texas, at the Texas Roadhouse Diner, with these sweet people.
Over the years, we have posted multiple times about our mornings at this diner with Mr. + Mrs. Crutchfield; I’ve lost count but I think this was the sixth time we’ve been there. This time was with a lot of memories + some tears, as it was our first time there without Mr. Crutchfield, who passed away last April .
He is greatly missed but we know he is singing with the angels and rejoicing in his NEW Home, and we rejoice for that!

As always…we did a little singing + playing for our breakfast! =) We love the variety of venues in which the Lord gives us opportunity to share our music!

“O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in Him.”
Psalm 24:8


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  1. We went to Carlsbad Caverns last spring on our trip!! And agree it was amazing!! That is so fun that y'all got to go there! And haha, maybe Huds and Elisha can swap bass tips sometime 🙂

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