July 6, 2021



 Last week our four men were gone for a few days visiting friends in TN.
That left the girls and three little guys to hold down the fort. 
There were lots of chores and garden work to be done. We also squeezed in some special activities and meals with the eight of us left at home.
 Green beans from our garden!
 Allison & Rebecca helping with the chores by carrying feed for the heifers.



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An exciting announcement!!!

An exciting announcement!!!
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  1. The second picture made me smile. =) I love raw green beans as a snack, too. =) Thanks for sharing updates…blessings!

    With Joy in Christ,

  2. Cute pictures. "Oh, there's green beans in the garden, clean clothes on the line; yes, there's little barefoot children playing beneath the grapevine; the sun is shining bright and the creeks are bubbling too! We've got a lot to be thankful for and,Lord, I wanna thank You!"

    That's what the snacking photo made me think of!

  3. I don't usually see pictures of the farm chores or cows- thanks for these! The heat killed most of our plants. Beans, cucumbers, tomatoes and strawberries don't like 114 degree heat!

  4. I love these pictures! I was wondering – who takes care of the farm for you when you are touring? We live by lots of farms, but most farmers we know aren't able to be away for so long. Your family is blessed!

  5. We love picture #3! It reminds us of us and our little sister! You guys are adorable together!
    God Bless!
    ~The Keller Girls~

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