April 4, 2022

Life at Home


Yes, we are so glad to be home for a few short days!  I say short, because short it is!  This is my last night sleeping in my “home bed” before leaving again to travel for ten days.  Actually, this is only the sixth night so far this year that I am sleeping in my top bunk in the room I share with my sisters.  But after all the time in other states and away from home, I know that the Lord is faithful and that He gives grace and strength for whatever He calls us to.  
Arrival- Tuesday morning, about 2 ‘o clock
Departure-  Friday noon?
  One of Rebecca’s first comments upon arriving home was, “I’ve been wanting to see my other dolly”.  She has enjoyed playing with her toys again.  The little children have also enjoyed hours of time outside.  Maybe they are expending some of the energy that has been bottled up inside them during many days on the bus?(smile)
 We enjoyed some family time in the living room the other evening.
Chels thought this was an appropriate phrase for our family.  Working and living together is a joy.  I am thankful for this season of life.  I was recently reading in Ecclesiastes about how “to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.”  For us, this is the season when we are all still living at home.  We are making so many memories together these days, and I want to treasure this season while it lasts, and embrace the next season when it comes.
 Lists.  My mother uses them quite frequently as she organizes and manages!  So, even (or especially) for this short time at home, she made it a priority to write our lists detailing what needed to be accomplished.
 Our fridge……….full of beautiful pictures on the outside, but very bare on the inside!   Upon arriving home and looking into the fridge and cupboards, I began to make a grocery list.  

 We have been using the dishwasher a lot these days, especially now that our kitchen faucet gave up the ghost!  That’s right- it broke after having some “issues” for quite awhile.  
LOTS of mail………..
and  L O T S  of laundry!  Thanks to Chelsy, our faithful “laundry queen”, the washer has been running pretty much nonstop and the bags of dirty laundry are gone!

“The Lord is good………for His mercy endureth forever!”

Upcoming posts: 
-an “Average” day
-You know you’ve been traveling for two months when……..



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  1. Goodness, the last photo looks just like my sitting room right now, and I haven't been doing any travelling:( These days I have no house help and the piles just get bigger!

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