July 6, 2021

Hello from Oklahoma!


Hello from Oklahoma! We had a very relaxing and enjoyable time in Texas with Tim and Karen (Marlin’s sister) and family. We miss you guys! Some highlights were a ladies shopping day, some great basketball games for the guys, a girls’ tea party, having lunch with our friends from YWAM, watching “Return of the Daughters” late at night, (this is a well-done, thought provoking, commentary by the Botkins sisters), and sharing at First Baptist in Big Sandy and at Calvary Commission in Lyndale. We would all nominate the service at Calvary Commission as the most annointed service we ever had. The men and women there, most of whom come there after a prison term, are in a discipleship program. Their excitement about living for God was contagious!

At our last evening’s program in Inola, there were about 50 relatives that showed up! Chupp family, we love coming to Oklahoma!

Lord willing, we will be sharing in Wichita, KS at a street mission and then heading on to Yoder, KS for tomorrow evening’s program. We are all a bit homesick and anxious to return to “Home Sweet Home”.

We appreciate your prayers. It has been so exciting to watch God use our music and testimony in spite of our many mistakes and failings. In our service yesterday morning there were 2 souls added to the kingdom of God! We had the opportunity to encourage a young couple who was feeling alone in the convictions that God was asking them to live out.

In closing I want to share 1 more miracle which occured yesterday morning on our way to McAllister. As Marlin was driving, all the gauges went to zero and the bus shut down. He pulled over on the side of the road, praying as he did so. He waited a few minutes, turned the key, and the bus started right up again. We have no idea why the bus shut down but this experience was another faith builder.


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  1. Wow! I don’t think I will ever tire of hearing of the many unique ways that God builds our faith.
    I miss you all a lot and can’t wait to see your gorgeous faces!
    Keep strong! We are praying!
    Love and Hugs!

  2. So good to hear from you!!!! We have been missing you here in the winter wonderland. Glad to read that it has been a good trip. We are soo looking forward to hearing all about it. As for the bus…Vapor Lock. Something about too much experience with it. Glad to hear that all you needed to apply was a bit of Prayer Lock:)

  3. Sound’s like an amazing trip, God is very good . I hope ya’ll are enjoying the warm weather…
    We have lots of snow & cold weather here. Yes nicole, I agree. It is very neat to see how god build’s our faith & trust in him.
    I can’t wait to see you all when you get back. Keep us updated=)
    Love Mikaela=D

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