February 5, 2011
Greetings from Florida!  I find myself with a few free minutes in which to update you all on our lives. I wish you could see the unique spot I have chosen.  You see, while we are traveling, we never know where we will end up with internet connection.  Sometimes it is a restaurant or motel, more often a church, and even a laundry mat has been known to meet our needs for wireless internet.  Today, I am sitting next to a tree, surrounded by plants, and several yards away from a highway.  I’m a little secluded, but that isn’t exactly the goal.  While in the bus, we discovered that there were several internet connections but I wan’t able to get a strong enough signal.  So I thought if I moved closer to a building, I might be able to connect.  Consequently, I am sitting here enjoying the ocean air while listening to the cars whiz by just feet from where I’m sitting.  Yes, I forgot to mention that I’m about 1/4 mile from the beach.
Life on the road continues to be…………well, it’s hard to describe.  Yesterday was “one of those days”.  Mother lost her voice and had ceased even whispering so as to rest her voice.  Dad got up on stage and said, “It’s amazing how quiet it’s been in the bus.”  (That sounded horrible-as if without all the noise Mom makes, things were so quiet!)  He then went on to explain that everyone else has been talking quieter, too.  In all seriousness, though, it’s been very frustrating and hard.  Imagine if, for a day or two, your mother had to write down (yes, as in, write down on a paper with pen), mouth, or communicate with hand motions everything she needed to say!  Of course, this also means we did the entire concert last night without Mother’s beautiful voice!  But yesterday, some of us had a really sweet time together, praying and sharing how God is working in our lives.  He absolutely does use trials like this one to to strip us of our pride and self-sufficiency and teach us to rely on Him alone.  Right now He is doing a work in us.  He’s doing a work in me, and I’m grateful, even though it’s really painful at times! 
Thank you all for your prayers!  God is answering.  He’s moving and working above what we could ever ask or think.  
To G O D be the glory!


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  1. Thanks for the update! What a sweet picture!!!!!! Oh, I do hope Mrs. Bontrager gets her voice back soon!Poor thing! To think of not hearing her beautiful,joyful voice in a concert! Praying for you all!

    God bless! Rebecca K.

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