December 30 was a blustering, shivery day. Though the wind howled and the pitiless sub-zero temperatures chilled, the warmth of love won in the end.
Shortly after 2pm, in a warm, cozy church, Chelsy and John joined together in the covenant of marriage.

Since that historic day, John and Chels have enjoyed many adventures together. The below pictures tell a little of the story.

Smiles from Texas, where John and Chels honeymooned.

One classy couple walking in Texas style.:)

On the honeymoon, Chels enjoyed cooking many of their meals.

John and Chels drove 8 hours out of the way to see us at a concert in Missouri! It was
exciting to catch up with them!

After honeymooning, John and Chelsy briefly settled into their Kansas home. It wasn’t long before they hit the road again for a couple business trips.
Opening wedding presents in their new Kansas home. They were overwhelmed by the generosity of their many friends.
Enjoying games, laughter, and conversation with some of John’s siblings. 
A fitting plaque for any home. 
Unfortunately, we can only view this dessert pizza, but we cannot taste it. 
Shortly after their honeymoon, Chels and John traveled through Iowa on their way to a wedding. They stayed for one night with Mitchell and Bryn. 
They stayed with Carson and Lina for two nights. Unfortunately, the rest of us Bontragers were already on tour, so we did not get to see them. 
Conversation with old friends at a wedding. 
Back at our home church, enjoying precious Rachel. 
Though Chels was afraid she’d miss the Iowa snow, it visited her in Kansas.
Dessert always tastes best when seasoned with fine conversation.  

Together on the plane on the way to a business trip. Since marriage, they’ve completed four business trips together. All in all, they’ve actually been gone more than they’ve been home!
John designs drip irrigation systems for farms across the United States and South America. On the side, he is also a real estate agent. Chelsy works as culinary and home-culture director, chief encourager, wife, and helpmeet to John. She also is continuing her writing with occasional blogging ( and she plans to soon be working for John’s business. Their talents and abilities combine to make them a powerful team. 
“And the Lord God said, it is not good  that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him.” -Genesis 2:18


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  1. Hello Anonymous,

    Thank-you! Since Chelsy was promoted to marriage, Allison and I (Joshua) have taken over the blog. We take turns posting. I enjoyed writing this post.


  2. "Unfortunately, we can only view this dessert pizza, but we cannot taste it." LOL wish I could taste it too!

    Congratulations John and Chelsey!

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