Recommended Resources

Recommended  Resources

Above Rubies - This ministry is specifically geared to strengthen the family unit. The Above Rubies magazine is a Bontrager favorite.

Answers in Genesis - AiG is all about sharing the truth of a literal 6-day creation and the amazing God who created it all!

The Duggar Family - Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar and their 19 children are an inspiration to the thousands that they reach worldwide through their TV show, TLC's "19 Kids and Counting". We were especially encouraged to witness daily their evident love for Jesus and each other during our joint missions trip to NYC with their family in June of 2011.

No Greater Joy - God has given Michael & Debi Pearl much wisdom on raising children to be strong in the Lord and mighty in Spirit! Our family loves the Pearls monthly magazine and many of their books/messages as well.

Media Talk 101 - Phillip Telfer was our speaker at our 9th Annual Turning Hearts Celebration in 2010. Since then, we have enjoyed getting to know the Telfer Family and hearing about the most recent studies and truths  Phillip has learned. We love his recent dvd, Captivated.  His message about media discernment is so timely.

Tomorrows Forefathers - The Mally Family has blessed families all over the world with their radiant testimony and godly example of a family in ministry for Jesus. Every year, they hold conferences (the Strong in the Lord Conference, and the Radiant Purity Conference) across the US for young women and their parents.

Solve Family Problems   - Doctor S.M. Davis has biblical and practical advice on raising strong families for the Lord.

Agenda Weekly  - Curtis Bowers and Joshua Bontrager dissect the current events in our nation and what is the Christian’s response to them.

Intentional Christianity  - Joshua Bontrager writes practical and challenging articles to encourage, strengthen, and motivate individuals of all ages.

Marvin Smith (Spiritual Warfare Resources)  - Pastor Marvin Smith has invaluable resources on spiritual warfare, the battle that faces every Christian. 

Note: even though we may not agree with every belief/doctrine held by these organizations, our family has greatly benefited from the teaching and materials offered by their ministries. By linking to each of the websites above, we do not endorse every resource/item sold by these ministries/organizations.