July 6, 2021

{little people}

There have been lots of fun times with little people around here lately. 
babysitting little kiddos + our own littles + little people that came to visit = lots of sweet little voices + darling oh-so-cute smiles + runny noses and dirty diapers + pattering feet
Lizzy loved taking care of the little lady of the big blue eyes.  Isn’t she a darling?
I supervised a trip out to the barn to pay a visit to some baby kittens lately arrived. 
So small…..only about as long as my hand.
major girl time here!  
and some boy time as well!

{posted by Allison}


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  1. Hello to all of the Bontragers,
    I lov spending time w my girl friends!
    Looks like the boys and the girls had fun!
    In Christ,

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